I love to improvise

Improvisation - There are few things I am more positively passionate about than improvisation.  For me, there's really no other artform quite like it.  Let me tell you why.

Whilst improvisation shares similarities with other forms of acting, it stands alone in it's scope for creativity.  You are not merely giving your voice to someone else's words, you are creating the scene moment-to-moment, on stage, with your scene partner.  You are not tied down to any specific location.  You are not limited by costume or props, nor even by your own body.  You can play anyone of any age or gender or size or class or culture.  You don't even have to play a human.  You can be anywhere (and I mean anywhere) in any time period.  You might even play out a scene in a parallel universe.

I've heard it said that "you are only limited by your own imagination", but I don't even place that limit on improvisation.  When you are on stage with your scene partner, and you are connecting, you are able to create scenes that go far beyond your combined imaginations.  Those are the moments that improvisers live for, that moment when everything is flowing, where you are both utterly present in the world you have created, and where you make discoveries that neither of you could have ever predicted.

Those are the moments audiences remember too.  Improvisation does not happen in isolation.  It's ephemeral nature is part of what makes it so watchable, and when the performers are connecting with each other and utterly present in the world that they have created, the audience cannot help but be dragged inside.  It can uproaressly funny one moment and tender or heatwrenching the next.  As improvisers love to hear the audience laugh (it can be dangerously addictive), but there is nothing better than the stone-cold silence of an audience perched on the edge of their seats, holding their collective breath as they await a character's fate.

That is why I love improvisation.  How about you?