Available Workshops

workshopWhether you are a beginner, an actor wanting to add improvisation to your repertoire, an experienced short-form player, or a long-former who wants to sharpen your skills, I have an improvisation workshop for you and your group.

Each workshop is designed to take place over 6 hours as a one-day workshop (with a break), but can also be split over 2-3 evenings.  I can also offer the workshops as a single 3 hour workshop, and will still cover all the key areas, but without going as deep into each one.  I can tailor the workshops to meet your specific needs.

There is some crossover between various workshops, and I also tweak the workshop as I go to accommodate the particular group dynamic.

This year I will also be offering a full long-form course that will build towards regular performances.  This course will provide extensive coverage of all the principles of longform improvisation, including all of the material from the individual workshops.

If you need more information about these workshops or the course, please use the contact form.

Core Longform

There are many styles and structures that can be applied to longform improvisation (e.g. The Harold, Armando, La Ronde, Monoscene, Living Room, etc), but at their core lie fundamental principles and skills that make longform an immersive experience for both the performers and the audience.

This workshop works on the core principles of longfrom improvisation, and is suitable for actors who are new to improvisation, improvisers who want to understand more about longform principles, or experienced longformers wanting to revitalise their art.

The Pre-existing World

In improvisation we get to play out scenes that happen anywhere and anywhen.  We can do this without having to set up anything in advance.  

As actors we drop-in to a pre-existing world, with pre-existing characters, where the action is already underway.  We don't have to plan anything, or rush into defining the who/what/where, we get to discover everything we need, when we need it - and the audience will be right there with us.

This workshop teaches performers how to effortlessly create compelling scenes with strong characters and engaging relationships, by working together to organically unveil their pre-existing world.

Improv with Viewpoints

Viewpoints provides a vocabulary in which to understand the functional elements of a performance.  The concepts were originally created by choreographer Mary Overlie, and extended for the stage by directors Tina Landau and Anne Bogart.

Applying Viewpoints to improvisation provides us with a common language in which to discuss the elements that make up a scene, a framework for understanding how these elements interact, and an awareness of each other and the moment that we are collectively creating.

This workshop provides an overview of the Viewpoints, and applies a number of them to improvised scenework to increase your awareness and help you create more immersive scenes that will blow your audience away.

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