Long-form Improv: Performance Course

Improvisation is one of the most satisfying forms of acting that you will find.  Unlike scripted acting, you get to discover the character as you inhabit them.  It's an incredible experience for both performer and audience alike - and it's not as hard as you think.

This eight-week course is not about teaching you "rules" or "tricks" to create great improv.  This course will allow you to unfurl and evolve your existing life-skills in a way that creates compelling personal performance.  Along with the other course participants, you will uncover your inate ability to create real characters, living real lives, in real relationships.

The style that I teach is similar to Chicago-style improv, with a strong influence from the work of LA improv-guru Dave Razowsky.


Some acting experience is required.  This course is intended to prepare you to perform in improvised shows.  You need to have, at the very least, basic stage-skills, the ability to project your voice, and be comfortable on stage in front of an audience.  You also need to be comfortable working with others.

First preference will be given to those who attend the introductory workshop (13th May).

Workshop Details

Date: Wednesdays, 20th May - 8th July 2015 map St Ninians
Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

St Ninians Church
9 Puriri Street, Riccarton

(Workshops will be in the Riccarton Room, which is in the building towards the back of the property)

Cost:  $120
Max participants:  12

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