Spanish Language Resources

I've been studying Spanish for a few years now. Here are some of the great resources that I've found along the way...

Resource Level Cost Notes Beginner-Advanced Paid buddyschool lets you find tutors on any topic. I cannot recommend highly enough finding a teacher and having regular online lessons. Beginner-Advanced Free duolingo is one of the best sites I've come across for practising grammar and vocabulary. There isn't a lot in the way of lesson content, but in terms of working your Spanish muscles, this site is hard to beat.
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Beginner-Advanced Paid (free samples) yabla has great videos for every level. Important for developing your learning skills. You can watch videos on many topics, and there is a game where it plays parts of the video and you must fill in the missing word. Beginner-Advanced Free has an excellent section for Spanish, with lots of articles on grammar and usage. Beginner-Advanced Free / Paid studyspanish is a site that I used a lot to learn Spanish grammar, including some of the trickier parts of Spanish like Ser vs Estar, and the subjunctive. Beginner-Intermediate Free / Paid spanishdict used to have lots of great video lessons for free. They've since made that a paid service and rebranded it as fluencia. I'm sure it's very good (but haven't paid for it). I still use it as a quick and easy dictionary and verb conjugator. Intermediate-Advanced Free Diccionario de la lengua española is the definitive dictionary of the Spanish language. It is in Spanish, so you do need to have a good reading level in Spanish to use it. I find it useful when I want a more concise definition of a word than is found in English-Spanish dictionaries (like SpanishDict).
The Real Academia Española also has a number of other useful resources available. Intermediate-Advanced Free BBC Mundo provides news in Spanish. Expand your vocabulary, and broaden your knowledge of current affairs in Latin America and Spain. Intermediate-Advanced Free National Geographic in Spanish has lots of interesting content. A great place to practice reading nd expanding your vocabulary. Intermediate-Advanced Free Corpus del Español is a corpus of a large number of Spanish-language texts. I find it really useful for finding real world examples of word use and grammar. The POS (part-of-speech) search is really useful. You can do a few searches before you'll need to sign up for a FREE account.

Do you have other Spanish resources? Let me know in the comments below.