Spanish Verbs: similar spelling

For me, some groups of verbs with similar spelling can result in mix ups.  I've listed a few here as a reference...

The LL verbs

llover to rain llueve = it's raining
llorar to cry me entraron ganas de llorar = I felt like crying
llegar to arrive Llegaremos a México el domingo = We will arrive in Mexico on Sunday
llevar to take; to carry; to wear Ella siempre lleva botas = She always wears boots
llenar to fill No me llenes el vaso = Don't fill my glass (to the top)
llamar to call Tu novia llamó ayer = Your girlfriend phoned yesterday
llamarse to be called ¿Cómo te llamas? = What's your name?
lamer to lick Ella lamía su helado = She licked her icecream

The QUE verbs

quebrar to break; to go bankrupt El bombero quebró la puerta = The fireman broke the door
quedar to be left; to remain ¿Quedan asientos para nosotros? = Are there any seats left for us?
quedarse to stay; to keep Ellos se quedaron con nosotros durante la Navidad = They stayed with us over Christmas
quejarse to complain; to moan No sé de qué te quejas = I don't know what you're complaining about
quemar to burn Quemaron madera en la chimenea = They burned wood in the fireplace
quemarse to burn oneself Me quemé la lengua con el queso derretido = I burnt my tongue on the melted cheese

Note: quedar/quedarse have a broad range of uses, not all discussed here.

The REG verbs

regar to water Él riega las plantas = He waters the plants
regalar to give (a gift) Mis padres me regalaron una nueva computadora = My parents gave me a new computer
arreglar to fix; to repair; to get ready Tengo que arreglar mi computador = I need to fix my computer
reglar to regulate