The Confidence Myth

primal fearIn survey after survey public speaking (or public performance in general), is rated as our greatest fear — even ahead of death.

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Beyond "Yes, and"

in a boxFor many improvisers the idea of "Yes, and..." is the cornerstone of improvisation - and for good reason - but like any concept in improvisation it has its limitations.  As you progress in your art you may start to notice that rather than opening you up to a world of possibilities, "Yes, and..." is boxing you in.

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Teaching Improv

I've been very fortunate to work with some amazing, talented people over the years.  I've worked with people of all ages and experience levels.  In many cases I end up working with people who are my peers, so the relationship is a collaboration rather than a teacher/student dynamic.  

But regardless of whether I am the "teacher", or the "workshop facilitator", or whatever other label is used, the role is very much the same.  I am here to help you find your creative voice.

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My Improv Style

My preferred style of performance, and what I primarily teach, is a type of long form improvisation, which has been heavily influence by the Chicago style (IO Chicago / Del Close) combined with the teaching of Dave Razowsky (former Artistic Director of the Second City training program).  My approach is focused on creating realistic characters in real-world settings.  I prefer to work in a duo.

I am also very familiar with other styles of improvisation and have worked extensively with many of the world's great teachers.

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I love to improvise

Improvisation - There are few things I am more positively passionate about than improvisation.  For me, there's really no other artform quite like it.  Let me tell you why.

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