Student Testimonials

I've been teaching improvisation for a really long time.  It's incredibly gratifying to see artists grow in their confidence and understanding of this wonderful artform.  I feel privileged to have played a small part in bringing forth their artistic voice.  Thank you to everyone who has ever taken a class or workshop with me.  I have learned so much from you.

Jon is a truly great teacher of improvisation. His knowledge of the art form, it's history, it's intricacy, and importantly it's goals and potential is as thorough and rich as anyone I've worked with. But more than that as a teacher he cares for his students, he genuinely wants the best for them, and knows how to help both a group and individuals with their specific needs and wants. I remember being in a class with him when a student had a break through. We were all happy for her, but then I saw another student look at Jon and say, "You love teaching, don't you?" And he does, and he's great at it.

David Tieck - Actor, Comedian, Author - Sydney

I was unsure about doing classes with Jon because I had done a lot of improvisation classes before over more than 15 years. But Jon had a quite different approach, so I thought I'd give it a go. I found that I became much happier to just let the scene unfold, was much happier while playing and had way fewer moments of self-flagellation after the scene was over. I would recommend Jon's work to anyone who is hoping to revitalise their improvisation practice, anyone who loves to play, and anyone who just wants to have a good time.

Cindy Tonkin - Director, "Improvactually" - Sydney

I was lucky enough to take classes with Jon when he was in Canada. I had such a good time. He really took care of the improvisers. He opened my eyes up to a whole new assortment of games and techniques. Would I take another class of his? Yes!

Quinn Contini - Loose Moose Theatre - Calgary

Jonathan knows improv the way a deer knows the forest; it’s his natural habitat. Jonathan is very casual and relaxed when it comes to teaching improv because he can instantly and easily draw on his vast knowledge and experience. Studying improv was an emotional experience for me because I was really walking away from my comfort zone to fully participate. Sometimes I would be elated, and other times deeply frustrated, and Jonathan embraced it all with no judgement.

Kerri Wall - Improv Fernie - Canada