These are some of my favourite improv clips.  Filming improv is a bit like filming a play, but harder because you have no idea when and where the performers will move.  Something is always lost in translation between the live event and the digital form, but nevertheless these still manage to carry a good part of their original essence, and leave me in awe of how many amazing improv sets must have happened that never made their way to video.  Enjoy!

David Razowsky et. al

So many great Razowsky clips.  Here are a few favs...

TJ and Dave, "Trust Us, This Is All Made Up" (Trailer)

TJ Jagodowski and David Pasquesi show how amazing improv can be when you know and trust your scene partner. This is just the trailer, but I highly recommend grabbing a copy of the DVD.

Cackowski and Talarico at Out Of Bounds Fest, Austin TX

Two thirds of improv maestros Dasariski take to the stage in Austin. This is a beautiful piece that is both funny and intensely human. It has several characters, and includes a number of jumps in time and space, but it always remains clear what is going on.