Bobbi Block workshop - Feb 2016

bobbiBobbi Block is one of the great improv teachers, and we have an incredible opportunity to work with her here in Christchurch!

Bobbi has Masters degree in Theatre, and was a co-founder of ComedySportz in Philadelphia, where she pefromed regularly for 17 years.  She is the founder and the current Artistic Director of the unique reality-based spontaneous theater company, Tongue & Groove.

Bobbi has taught Improvisation at numerous theatres and colleges including The Wilma Theatre, University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, University of the Arts, and Villanova University.

Full details check out the Bobbi Block Workshop on the Impulse Theatre website.

Monday Workshops

improvStarting Monday 26th October 2015, I will be running weekly improvisation workshops.  Each workshop will be targetted to a particular skill/idea, and will be adapted as needed to suit the group on the night.  I have a number of specific ideas gleaned from the New Zealand Improv Festival, as well as working on fundamental skills of improvisation.

You can find full details on the Monday Workshops on the Impulse Theatre website.

Long-form Improv: Performance Course

Improvisation is one of the most satisfying forms of acting that you will find.  Unlike scripted acting, you get to discover the character as you inhabit them.  It's an incredible experience for both performer and audience alike - and it's not as hard as you think.

This eight-week course is not about teaching you "rules" or "tricks" to create great improv.  This course will allow you to unfurl and evolve your existing life-skills in a way that creates compelling personal performance.  Along with the other course participants, you will uncover your inate ability to create real characters, living real lives, in real relationships.

The style that I teach is similar to Chicago-style improv, with a strong influence from the work of LA improv-guru Dave Razowsky.

Read more: Long-form Improv: Performance Course

Long-form Improv: Introductory Workshop

improv funImprovisation is one of the most satisfying forms of acting that you will find. Unlike scripted acting, you get to discover the character and their world in the moment. It's an incredible experience for both performer and audience alike - and it's not as hard as you think.

This one-off introductory workshop is an opportunity to get a taste of long-form improvisation.  It will be followed by an 8 week course in long-form improvisation with the aim of establishing an on-going improv troupe for performance.

The introductory workshop is FREE to attend. 

Read more: Long-form Improv: Introductory Workshop

Available Workshops

workshopWhether you are a beginner, an actor wanting to add improvisation to your repertoire, an experienced short-form player, or a long-former who wants to sharpen your skills, I have an improvisation workshop for you and your group.

Each workshop is designed to take place over 6 hours as a one-day workshop (with a break), but can also be split over 2-3 evenings.  I can also offer the workshops as a single 3 hour workshop, and will still cover all the key areas, but without going as deep into each one.  I can tailor the workshops to meet your specific needs.

Read more: Available Workshops

Running a Cyber-workshop

cyber daveIn July 2014, we were fortunate enough to have impro guru, David Razowksky, visit Australia.  The work was inspiring and eye-opening for us, and some of us got together to form a troupe to engage in the Razowsky philosophy of improvisation.  Since then, a dedicated group have been meeting once a week to workshop and also performing most weeks.

As is always the case, some things got lost in our interpretation, so we wanted to find a way to reconnect with David.  Our solution was to try out a "cyber-workshop" with our group gathered together in a space in Sydney and David on the other end in his home in Los Angeles.  We had a couple of technical glitches near the start, but quickly resolved these, and were treated to a fun and inspiring workshop.

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