Māori (Te Reo)

I learned a little bit of Māori at school, and picked up the odd bit here and there later, but after 20 years overseas it had all but disappeared.  So starting in October 2016 I'm taking Te Reo classes, and also using on-line resources and books.  This page is here to provide some references, and observations in the course of my learning.

On-line Resources

There are some really good online resources and video on demand to help in learning Te Reo...

Site Url Notes 
Korero Mai (Māori Television) https://www.maoritelevision.com/tv/shows/korero-mai  This is a nice easy introduction to Te Reo, using a soap-opera series, with new Māori words and phrases introduced in each episode.  It's great to see the words and phrases in context.
Tōku Reo (Māori Television) https://www.maoritelevision.com/tv/shows/toku-reo Tōku Reo is a bit more just about the words and phrases.  A good way to build vocabulary fast, but with less context than Kōrero Mai.
MāoriLanguage.net http://www.maorilanguage.net/ Has some useful resources, but for a beginner it can be hard to know where to start.

Vocab Lists

Check out some vocab lists. Some have a match-up game to help lock them in.


More to come soon!