Testimonials from workshop attendees. Those that were provided in Spanish have been translated with the original included below.

Jonathan creates a limitless, hilarious space for his students to experiment in. All boundaries of improv are pushed and tested in his workshop, and you come out feeling stronger as a performer, as well as just having the best time.

- Betty, Sydney

All of Jonathan’s workshops that I have taken have been a true gem. Imaginative, fun and completely original. Every time I attend one of them I learn to see impro in a new way.

Todos los talleres de Jonathan que he tomado han sido una verdadera joya. Imaginativos, divertidos y completamente originales. Cada vez que asisto a alguno de ellos aprendo a ver la impro de manera nueva.

- China G., Mabel Impro, Auckland

Jonathan represents the very best of Improv. He teaches us the kind of improv that gets to the heart of our humanity, where laughter comes from emotional truth, absurdity and even silence.

- Michael T., Denver, CO

Thanks for running a really well structured workshop. The exercises were grounded, deliberate and soooooo purposeful. This was one of the most useful/helpful workshops I’ve attended in a long time.

- Anjana, Sydney

Jonathan is always positive in tone and encouraging in words. The activities he brought to the workshop were very valuable and hit a lot of different aspects of performance and stage presence, which I really appreciated.

- Haley, Waiheke Island

Jonathan is the most amazing improv teacher. He’s dynamic, explains things very clearly and points out ways we can improve in a beautiful constructive way. He has a wonderful sense of humour, but knows when to be focused. I would definitely recommend anyone to attend his workshops, they will learn and take away so much.

- Steve L., Auckland

Thank you Jonathan for a day that modelled the best of Improv - an accepting, inclusive environment, full of wonder and play, that allowed people to takes risks and be vulnerable. You encouraged us to aim for beauty - which we touched occasionally - but more often stumbled into comedy!

- Phillip, Auckland

Jonathan is a fantastic teacher and director. He created a really safe space to learn and discover each of our own performance styles. I had so much fun being challenged and inspired!.

- Participant, NZ Improv Festival 2019

I found the workshop very interesting and aligned with the style of Impro that I like to see/do.

El taller me parecio muy interesante y alineado con el estilo de Impro que me gusta ver/hacer.

- Matias A., Mabel Impro/Covert Theatre, Auckland