Other Stuff

I encourage my students to be interested in the world around them. Take an interest in people, current events, culture, science, sport, health. I try to live up to that too. As a result, I like a whole bunch of things. Some of those things are just for me, but sometimes I’m inspired to share, whether it be in the form of useful resources, or just my opinion about things. This is where you’ll find that stuff.

Te Reo Māori

I grew up in NZ, so I got taught the basics of counting, colours, saying hello, and a few simple phrases, but having spent a lot of my adult life overseas, I never made the time to really learn Te Reo. I’m slowly correcting that, and as part of that process am making some of my own Te Reo Māori materials. Check out the vocabulary lists. They will really help you cement some kupu.

More to come

I’ve got a few other things that were on my old site and need some TLC before I migrate them over. Stay tuned.