- up-skill, broaden your range, or just for fun

Whether you are looking learn something new, revisit the fundamentals, or just have some fun, I have a workshop for you!

And, with over 30 years of experience to draw on, I can easily customise an existing workshop or create one from scratch to meet your specific needs.


If you like you can check out some testimonials from some of my past workshops.

Popular Workshops

Here are some of my most popular workshops. The level indicator (hover to view) is for guidance only. Any of these can be adapted to the level of the group.

The Improvised Play#theatre, #drama, #authenticity

beginner=no; intermediate=yes; advanced=yesCreate a full-length improvised play. This workshop teaches you skills and techniques to create an authentic theatrical experience.

Mask Life#physicality, #presence, #point-of-view

beginner=yes; intermediate=yes; advanced=yesLearn about performing in mask. This work improves our physicality and puts us in the here and now. It's very freeing, and a lot of fun.

Improvised Sci-Fi#sci-fi, #genre

beginner=maybe; intermediate=yes; advanced=yesThe beautiful thing about sci-fi is its boundless interpretation of reality - making it a perfect fit for improvisation.

The Musical#musical, #singing, #confidence

beginner=maybe; intermediate=yes; advanced=yesImprovised musicals pack a wow factor that is off the scale. Learn how to find your voice, structure a song, and tap into inspiration.

Amazing Armando#armando, #format, #engagement

beginner=yes; intermediate=yes; advanced=yesThe Armando is a wonderfully simple and surprisingly rich show format. This workshop will take your Armando to the next level, with new techniques to create a greater range of inspired, engaging scenes.

Let's Get Physical#physicality, #action, #object-work

beginner=yes; intermediate=yes; advanced=yesLearn to engage your physicality to bring the stage to life. Activating the physical space gives inspiration to the performers and opens a whole world to the audience. Best of all, anyone can do it.

Character Discovery#character, #relationship, #authenticity

beginner=no; intermediate=yes; advanced=yesLearn to create authentic characters. Basing our characters in reality, reduces the need for "work". This work forms the foundation for the show "Strangers".

Get Engaged#engagement, #presence, #theatrical

beginner=yes; intermediate=yes; advanced=yesAn engaged performance is engaging to watch. We'll look at a variety of elements that we can engage with, to heighten presence, and amaze the audience.

Improv Deconstructed#movement, #stage-picture, #dialogue

beginner=yes; intermediate=yes; advanced=yesBreaking improvisation down to its components and rebuilding, we gain an appreciation of its mechanics and how we can use these to our advantage.

If you want to work on a specific show idea, or if you've worked with me before, and are looking for something not listed here, please get in touch.

Custom Workshops

Does your troupe have a specific skill they want to focus on, or an aspect of improvisation that they want to learn more about?

As a performer and director, I’ve never been satisfied with standing still. I’ve experimented with all manner of ideas and forms, directed hundreds of shows, and been in well over a thousand.

No matter what it is you want to work on, chances are I’ve been there, and can help you find the answers you are looking for.

Please, feel free to get in touch, and let’s discuss your specific needs.